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The F-22 Fighter Plane which was otherwise known as the Advanced Tactical Fighter {ATF}, and later became the Air Dominance Fighter {ADF}) and the Typhoon was a project which began in the 1980′s. Even though this fighter has been around for awhile I never knew anything about it until a few years age and I was in the military until 1992. This describes the highest level of secrecy.

The F-22 is the best fighter aircraft in the world. This aircraft is so tactically advanced that there is nothing else that even compares to it in the world. The F-22 can be the game changer in any situation and easily tip air superiority into the hands of the United States Anquan Boldin Jersey in case of air combat.

The biggest problem that the US government faces with this air plane is the amount of money necessary to fund the project and its upkeep. They have spent so much money on its research and development that they can’t back away from the project. Many people question the necessity of this aircraft but I feel that we have to develop and implement it at all costs. This aircraft will give it’s pilots so much of an advantage in tactical situations and fighter combat that it would be a tragedy Ed Reed Kids Jersey to ignore its development.

We don’t need to share this technology to other countries as long as it gives us the advantage that it does. I think that we need to field this aircraft in greater numbers regardless of the cost because the advantages of having it are just too great. The Chinese have already come up with a copy of the F-22 which they claim is just as good as the US version. I don’t know whether that is true or not but I do know that they have a history of copying US technology and then producing it for a whole lot less. If this is the case we still need to put money into advancing this technology.

Being on the cutting edge of military advancement doesn’t come cheap or easy. But the most powerful country in the world is always the country with the most powerful military. I am an advocate of having a powerful National Defense. There is no other way to remain the foremost superpower status. You have to have the strongest military. If not you will be challenged.

A good example of what I mean is the fact that the Chinese are harassing smaller nations because they need their natural resources. The Chinese only respond to fear and intimidation so if you don’t have the assets to challenge them they will take advantage of you. Don’t think for one minute that they won’t do the same thing to the United States if they feel that they have a military advantage.

A lot of Russian/European Josh Cribbs Premier Jersey Fighter planes are at par or has exceeded the F-15E’s capability. The F-15 has been the US premium fighter for years. Now is the time for better technology. This puts the US at Haloti Ngata Purple Jersey a disadvantage. If we want to take the fight to the enemy’s backyard we have to be able to dominate it’s airspace before we can get a foothold on the ground. And that means having an Air Superiority to Troy Polamalu Jersey operate with impunity.

Sure, it’s expensive. But whoever said that Air Superiority was cheap The F-22 may be the single biggest waste of money since the B-1. Large, heavy, bad E-M (energy-maneuverability) ratings it simple is not a good air plane in terms of the monetary Ray Rice Jersey expenditures that it costs to operate it, but when we are talking about military superiority we talk in terms of what is needed to maintain the advantage rather than in terms of dollars and cents.

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