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The United States of America is a republic, not a democracy. That means we give up our individual freedom to influence government to representatives who are suppose to focus on governmental issues with us in mind. If you ask what is the united states congress, you will be told it is the Senate and House of Representatives who make up one-third of our three-fold government, the others being the Executive and the Judicial branches including the Supreme Court of the United States.

The Senate consists of 100 members, two from each state. The House of Representatives has 435 members when at full complement which are proportioned according to Josh Cribbs Jersey population in what are called Congressional Districts. Over half of the members of congress are millionaires which favors the rich of our country. There are many attorneys that have been trained to take one side of politics and stick with it right or wrong. Ed Reed Jersey That is part of the reason there is so little compromise and group effort in resolving the nation’s problems. The answer to the question, what is the united states congress, is viewed by many as a mass of confusion.

Yesterday I was watching the television broadcast of the Senate in action. The Republicans claimed to be broad-minded and in a spirit of compromise. Torrey Smith Kids Jersey The Democrats pointed out that was a just a smooth presentation that sounded sincere but was not true. Today the President is trying to get everybody together to resolve the issue of the debt ceiling to prevent the Government from going under. Actually our debt though high, it is not at the point under which the British have lived for years. It is all about grandstanding and posturing for the next election.

Our debt is horrendous because of our over-reaction to 9/11. Instead of using a laser to solve problems, we used a shotgun, resulting in two new Bush wars while we Reebok Ray Rice Jersey were still paying for the first Bush war. Then President Obama added gasoline to the fire by getting over anxious about medical care before resolving our debt crisis.

The Republicans are saying that if they remove the tax cuts given by President Bush the Second, that the administration will not use it to pay off debt but will blow it on more socialistic programs. How true!

The Democrats say that the rich control most of the wealth of the country and should pay their share with a smile on their faces. Both sides want to cut corporate taxes but the Democrats want governmental incentives removed from those who don’t need them, the oil companies. Despite the horrendous profits of big oil, the Republicans say all Ben Roethlisberger Authentic Jersey will go to hell if we don’t keep subsidizing. Remember that big business is the source of much election campaign income and the members of Congress are influenced more by big business than by you.

While all this is going on, the people of the United States continue to suffer. Nine percent are still out of work and many are working two or three jobs to keep their heads above water. Families are being neglected because the parents are working at several minimum wage jobs. Some unemployed are starting home businesses or trying to learn about starting a business such as an Internet business.

What is the United States Congress? It is Senators and Members of the House who have the responsibility to serve the desires and needs of the people. But when those desires and needs are too costly, it is their responsibility to control expenditures and to eliminate or curtail programs that are too costly. It is their responsibility to put your concerns at the Ray Lewis Jersey top of their priority list.

Meanwhile, do we have to listen to those right-wing radio and television blabber-mouths? No, we don’t. And as for left-wing blabber-mouths, we don’t have to listen to them either.

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