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Canada’s natural gas industry will rival the oilsands and generate more than a quarter of a million jobs a year for the next two decades, says one of Canada’s most influential business think-tanks.

The Conference Board of Canada published an analysis Monday that expects Canada’s natural gas industry to add more than $1 trillion to Canada’s economy over the next 24 years and support an average of 260,000 jobs a year over that time frame.

The ambitious projection factors in all the direct investment, but also ancillary spinoffs down the supply chain and figures all regions of the country stand to benefit, even those provinces without any large natural gas holdings.

Demand set to rise

The industry already produces $24.5 billion a year and employs 130,000 people. That’s already good enough to make up 42 per cent of the country’s energy exports, but demand is expected to double between now and 2035.

The board estimates the industry is going to invest $386 billion to keep up with demand over that time frame. If that projection holds true, that’s more than the $364 billion worth of investment that the board says the oilsands are going to attract over the same period.

“In all cheap Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey, Canada’s natural gas industry is expected to add a cumulative $940 billion to Canada’s economy over the next 24 years, and generate roughly 6.2 million person-years of employment.,” the board said in its report. and Alberta, the report says. But there will be spinoff benefits across the country, and governments at all levels will reap tax revenues on top of the GDP bump.

After undergoing a boom earlier this decade, natural gas prices have been flatlining for several years after new technologies have made vast shale gas holdings suddenly economical. That’s created a supply glut that’s holding down prices.

Natural gas was going for $3.36 per million British thermal units in New York on Monday, well off the highs of around $12 seen before the recession of 2008 Cheap San Jose Sharks jersey.

Although only seven per cent of the direct investments will occur in Ontario, the province is forecast to receive 18 per cent of the resulting employment and 16 per cent of the wage increases.

“The entire country benefits, even though the benefits are focused the most where natural gas is produced,” the report reads.

Over the 24-year horizon, natural gas investments will help generate 560,000 person-years of employment in Ontario, and 199,000 person-years of employment in Quebec. Saskatchewan is expected to support 92,400 person-years of employment and Manitoba 39,200 person-years. The smallest employment effects are forecast for Atlantic Canada.

JOBS? Since job creation in the renewable energy fields is outproducing jobs created in the petroleum industry by a factor of 10 times, it’s time to wake up and support the renewable energy sector. Stop subsidizing big oil and make it easy and advantageous to adopt renewable energy. Solar power has been cheaper than coal and nuclear for over a year and prices are still dropping by big percentages annually. Energy efficiency is an area grossly underappreciated for job growth as tremendous opportunity is there to radically improve home energy efficiency (appliances, furnace, energy leaks, insulation, electricity waste), greatly reduce transportation costs, municipal design improvements, improve how water is used, handling waste, food supply, shopping methods, etc. And Harper is a sell-out to one industry, a doomed industry. Such gross incompetence!

Norway — Government owns 67% of Statoil. That 67% has garnered royalty’s that were diverted into the Norwegian Petroleum Fund which is positioned outside government so corrupt politicians can’t get there hands on it cheap San Francisco Giants Jersey. That fund, started the same year as Alberta Heritage fund, now rings in at $600 BILLION which will fund Norway’s societal programs through to 2050. Alberta Heritage was capped at $15 Billion and the Oil Cartel rip millions out of the province each year from paltry low royalty’s.

The only things that the Transnational Corporation’s pay for is the lobbying for tax changes that provide massive amounts of Corporate Welfare for them.

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